Stacy Briscoe

Avina Swan Corkscrew

This was the smoothest butterfly corkscrew I’ve ever used. I didn’t feel like I was fighting with the cork, trying to decide which way to twist — the screw just kind of melted in. Butterfly wings up (although to me they always look more like arms), push them back down, and the whole cork came out in one go — another, sort of, anomaly in my book. I actually said to my partner in wine crime, 'Wow, that’s the smoothest corkscrew I’ve used in awhile.'  

Armchair Sommelier

Avina Falcon Corkscrew

The Avina Falcon opener is crafted from stainless steel and ebony. It’s sleek, visually attractive, and has some weight to it, which is nice. The components (including a half-inch fulcrum, which is a word I don’t find occasion to use very often) feel solid, and it works like a charm. The cork came out of my bottle with ease.

Avina Barracuda Corkscrew

The quality craftsmanship jumped out at me. It was tightly put together and fit nicely in my hand. One smooth pull and the cork came out like a gem...I have found my new favorite opener!